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Thank you very much for visiting our website. We are team BEL1 Belgium (Gino Ciers and Jürgen Dobbelaere) at the prestigious Gordon Bennett gasballoon race, with balloon D-OCOX, BELGICA II. Below you can find a compilation video of our adventure from Bristol, UK to Perpignan, France!



This race was started from Bristol, United Kingdom, end of september 2010.

Below is a movie of our take off (thanks to Reginald Geerinck):


On this website you can view our latest news, our preparations, our stories and some history about the Gordon Bennett race.

The coupe aeronautique Gordon Bennett, is the most prestigeous and most challanging event in the aviation. This race has one simple goal: to fly the longest distance from the launch area. This edition will have a lot of adventure, skills and luck! The winning distances can reach up to 2000 kilometers, some editions took more than 3 days of non-stop flying!

We are counting down to the start of the Launch window of gordon bennett


We are counting down to the start of the launch window (between 25th until 29 September 2010, dependant on the weather).

There are days remaining until the start!


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