Info about the balloon Belgica 2, d-ocox


The balloon D-OCOX has already a very nice history in the Gordon Bennett race.
Previous owner was Philippe De Cock. He sold this balloon because he wanted to replace it with a new, lighter balloon.
Beginning of 2007, Jürgen Dobbelaere and Gino Ciers bought this balloon.
In november 2007, all the administration was done and training flights with this new balloon could start!


This balloon makes flights mostly starting from the balloon club in Gladbeck, Germany (close to Dusseldorf). This is the terrain of one of the most famous gasballoon pilots in the world (and even our instructor): Mr. Wilhelm Eimers.
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From Gladbeck, we took off for flights to Belgium, France and even to Norway!

The Callsign "D-OCOX" is built up as follows:
"D", because de balloon is registered in Germany (Deutschland)
"O", represents "OO-"; the Belgian aircraft register
"COX", because the previous owner of this balloon owns a company, called "Cockx Vleeswaren". This
is also the logo on the balloon.

The nickname of this balloon is "BELGICA II", named to the Belgica-balloon of Ernest Demuyter (a famous Belgian gasballoon pilot, and won in the years '20 and '30 6 times the Gordon Bennett race)!

The balloon has a volume of 1000m³ and was built in 1997 by WORNER, the German gas balloon factory located in Augsburg. Type of this balloon is "BFS NL-1000/STU".

With this same balloon Belgica II, another Belgian team (Philippe De Cock & Ronny Van Havere) WON already the Gordon Bennett twice with the below details:

Airborne time
1666,54 km (from Albuqurque, USA)
40:15 h
2449.60 (from Waasmunster, Belgium)
66:53 h


And in 2005, our good friends and BIG help for this GB: pilot’s Bob Berben & Siméons Benoît won this prestigious race with a record breaking distance of 3400,38 km in 65:20 h!

More info about all winners and their distances: